What causes prejudice and separation?
What causes prejudice and separation? Misunderstanding and lack of knowledge. Society focuses on teaching adults about tolerance and equality. We believe that these values need to be taught early on in order to make them part of life in adulthood.

We believe that children relate better to others like themselves; a child's language and similarity in age will help when teaching each other about one another's culture, traditions, folklore, music, dance, and heritage. This knowledge will then be shared with their families who will hopefully start seeing others through their children's eyes. We know that the world can't change overnight, but with this project we are planting the seed that we will continue to nurture until strong roots are formed that reach out to many others. The long term goal is to create a children's bridge of love, tolerance, and acceptance.

These cultural experiences will be shared with talented, underprivileged, vulnerable and forgotten children. These children all share the same passion and love for dance, life, and their heritage. With this project we are illuminating the lives of children and adults alike, and lighting the spark that will spread into a fire of tolerance, and equality. Read more


The fifty participants of the 2010 Florida Tour, embarked on a week long journey in South and Central Florida.
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Seventy-two underprivileged children participated in this nine day cultural exchange in the 2008 Honduras Tour.
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The place where it all began as a cultural exchange and the opportunity to help others through donations.
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