Folklore From Xinjiang, China

Yasmanth unites the countries, and presents performances exhibiting the culture, folklore, and ethnic dances found along the Silk Road. We also show dances from Xinjiang, China also known as the "Western Territory" in Chinese history.

The Middle East

Yasmanth present percussion and dance from the Middle East. Both siblings come together in drum and dance, respectively, celebrating the moment that music and dance become one

Xinkas, Guatemala

The Xinka's mission is to strengthen the cultural expressions of the Xinka people through the presentation of ancient dances. The group's vision is to develop the Xinka Dance Group "Ela Minijkiwal" (A New Dawn) to awaken a renewed interest to value their cultural expressions in the Xinka descendant population.

Mayan Culture

Before the arrival of the Spaniards in Guatemala in 1492, as in all cultures the artistic expressions were the basis for communication and creativity based on philosophical, spiritual, and scientific principles. This permitted the arts to have a very proper characteristic in the development of history.

Garifuna Culture

It is the purpose of the Garifuna people to safeguard, revitalize, and develop the cultural expressions of their ancestors. The Children's Group "Iseri Laruga" performs choreography based on Garifuna music, songs, and dances. In the native Garifuna language, Iseri Luraga means New Dawn.

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