Yasmanth's History continued...

On December 17, 2007, after a cultural exchange between Anthony, Yasmine, and the children from the Batuta Foundation in the neighborhood of El Pozon in Cartagena, Colombia, a mere vision dubbed Rhythms of Culture became a reality. Upon returning from El Pozon after experiencing an unforgettable cultural exchange in which donations of clothes where distributed to over 200 children and seeing true poverty for the first time, Yasmine went out to the hotel room's balcony following drum sounds coming from the beach. When she found the source of the music she was amazed with the display of talent she was seeing and asked where the drummers were performing so she could go see them. The realization that she was seeing young talent with only a strip of beach to perform on instead of a theater was something that she found unbelievable. Anthony and Yasmine both equally stunned and disconcerted about the lack of opportunities for talented youth put their minds and ideas together. Soon after, Children Helping Children was born, a project built with the vision to give opportunities to talented underprivileged children by giving them a voice, a stage, and someone to believe in them.

Rhythms of Culture

Yasmanth organized their first ever tour in 2008, when Rhythms of Culture traveled to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Underprivileged children representing the Mayan, Honduran folklore, and Colombian folklore, (along with Anthony and Yasmine representing the Middle Eastern and Xinjiang cultures) came together to perform at several venues where each culture was given the opportunity to represent their heritage. In 2010 when the project came to the United States the cultures of Xinjiang, the Middle East, Mayans, and Garifunas performed at Walt Disney World and NASA's Kennedy Space Center. During that tour Yasmanth made history, by bringing these cultures to these stages for the first time. For now, Rhythms of Culture is taking a short break but Yasmanth plans to continue the project in the near future.

Aurora Over the Silk Road

Aurora Over the Silk Road (AOSR) is a branch off from the Rhythms of Culture project; though the idea of AOSR was originally a part of Rhythms of Culture, it has now evolved into its very own project. Its mission is to expose as many people as possible to not only the dances of the Silk Road but also the history. AOSR strives to instill the appreciation of ancient cultures in both future and present generations and hopes to introduce the beautiful cultures of Xinjiang, China to a broader audience. Since the beginning of the project in 2011, Yasmanth has presented the AOSR workshop in Guatemala, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. The project has reached roughly 1,600 people and already has multiple events booked, including The National Children's Museum and Military Bases for the military children and families.



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