In the course of 2009, Yasmanth was able to collect enough donations from good hearted people in the Miami area, who graciously donated clothing for children and adults. A total of almost 1000 lbs. was packaged and sent to Medellin, Colombia. There the donation was distributed evenly amongst two local foundations that help underprivileged young children and their parents get a healthy start.

The Solidarity for Colombia Foundation has several programs that foster values in young children and help the poor neighborhoods in the area. This donation helped the 13th of November neighborhood in Medellin. The following link contains a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with a photo recount of the distribution of the donation. Please click the link below to view the presentation and click the Back button in your browser to return to this page when you are done viewing the presentation. Donation at Solidarity for Colombia Foundation

The Carla Cristina Foundation focuses on the development of early childhood in economically vulnerable communities within the department of Antioquia. Below is an excerpt from the donation report provided by the foundation once the donations had been distributed.

"Good morning Elisa. The donation received was very helpful as you will read in our report. We were able to distribute the clothes to three of our sites located in the neighborhoods of Oriente, La Cruz and Regalo de Dios. In the first distribution, we donated clothing to the children and sold the adult clothing, raising a total of $101,500 Colombian pesos. With this money we bought 500 colored balls for the children's ball pit, which they are already enjoying.

In La Cruz we followed the same procedure with children and adults, and were able to raise $112,500 pesos. We invested it in the purchase of material and labor to build a storage area on the second floor of the main building. This room will be used to store games and learning materials used in the outdoor play area. As in the other locations, we repeated the process in Regalo de Dios, but we had more adult clothing at this location which raised $158,000 pesos. We were able to purchase new locks for the doors and curtains for two classrooms. In addition, the remaining amount will be used to produce the handouts and other costs related to a Family Values workshop for parents to be held on October 15th."




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