Yasmine has been dancing for 12 years and is an International Young Exponent of the dances of the regions of Xinjiang China. Yasmine presents the dances of the more than ten ethnic groups that live in Xinjiang. This includes the Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Tajik, Mongol and Russian groups. Under the mentoring of Pasha Umer she has brought these dances from Xinjiang to stages in Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, FL, and the Northeast. At only 15 years of age Yasmine has made history by presenting the dances from Xinjiang for the first time on a Walt Disney World and Kennedy Space Center stage.

At a very young age Yasmine became fascinated with the culture, art, music, and dances of the East. She is known for both her talent of improvisation as well as her creation of the "Orientale Hula-Hoop dance". Yasmine created this dance as part of her teacher's assignment while playfully practicing Middle Eastern hip movement with a Hula-Hoop. At 4 years of age she became the only performer of this style and her own choreographer. At age five she discovered a deep fascination and love for the dances of Xinjiang, China and in 2007 decided to further learn these dances under the instruction of Pasha Umer, who became her mentor. Read more


At 18, Anthony has taken it upon himself to work towards opening the doors for not only himself and his sister, but also for the amazing cultures of the Silk Road. Finding people who are willing to give an opportunity to two teenagers is a hard task. Yet, Anthony has succeeded, booking our project, Aurora Over the Silk Road (AOSR), in some of the most well-known Children's Museums across the nation, including The National Children's Museum and the Strong National Museum of Play. In a show of appreciation for the sacrifices that our troops and their families make on a daily basis, he has also reached out to and booked workshops at Military Bases across the nation such as Scott Air Force Base in Scott AFB, IL and Fort Hood in Killeen, TX.

Not only does Anthony run a large share of the organization's inner workings, but he also plays an important part in the actual workshop. Anthony has been playing the Darbuka (also known as the Dumbek) for eight years; the Darbuka is a Middle Eastern drum used as the base for many songs surrounding the regions of Xinjiang, China, which is the Heart of the Silk Road. Anthony runs the Drum Station during AOSR workshops, teaching children some of the many unique rhythms the Darbuka can make. Read more



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