Discovering Our Guatemalan Ancestry
As I sit down and think about my family tree, I think about how large it truly is. Extending from ocean to ocean, its branches reach so many different places, with incredibly different yet similar cultures. Each leaf represents a different person who either suffered our triumphed in their lifetimes. Each branch represents a different family, each with their own unique stories to tell. Although my parents and grandparents come from different corners of Latin America, our families originated in other places.

We know about our ancestry from my father's side, and my mother's paternal. But our mother's maternal ancestry has always been a mystery. Ironic, since that side of the family is the one whose traditions and stories are deeply rooted in our everyday lives. My sister and I never got to meet our great-grandmother but a lot of who she was has been very influential in our upbringing. Since starting the project we have repeatedly questioned our Guatemalan origins. The answer is unknown, as it was never talked about by our ancestors. However, we have confirmed that our origins are not found in Mayas or Garifunas. Currently we are tracing our true maternal origins through the National Geographic Genographic Project.

Daily we are discovering new things about our maternal roots; we will be sharing this journey of discovering our ancestry by adding new information as it becomes available.



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