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A mentor is someone who will pass on their legacy to you,
When you stop they will reach back and pull you through
At night or at day they will be there,
Through diligence you will climb up the winding stairs,
Your mentor is close on your heels pushing you onward.

They will be gentle and kind when need be,
And will be harsh but honest and make you see,
They are unafraid to jump in when they are needed,
But express caution with the ideas that are seeded.

A mentor is someone who guides you through untraveled terrain,
Someone who when the going gets rough, helps keep you sane.

They pass on their knowledge and ideas,
They will help you grow, learn, and discover,
And at your shoulder they will hover,
But when their time comes, they will step aside.

You will forever aim to make them proud,
And forever shall they be a part of you.

~Yasmine M. Garay

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