Yasmanth's Mission
Yasmanth Inc. is an all-volunteer, youth-led 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization with the mission to preserve the world's culture by exposing both the present and future generations to its history, dance and music. We strive to create an understanding and a renewed appreciation of these cultures through educational workshops and constant cultural exchanges.


Yasmanth's History
Yasmanth was created to fulfill Anthony and Yasmine's mission. These two CTYers (Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth students), at a very young age have expressed the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. They are propelled by the vision to create union and understanding through music and dance, thus eliminating barriers and constructing a bridge of opportunities and acceptance founded on the sharing of culture between generations.

At the early age of three Yasmine began showing interest in dance. Her parents were supportive and visited local dance schools for Yasmine to try classes in different dance styles until she found the one she enjoyed. She possessed a maturity, discipline, and passion for dance beyond her years, and thus dance classes for her age group were not fulfilling her. Realizing that Middle Eastern dance was what she enjoyed, the search for private classes began. Before long, her parents came in contact with a renowned dancer, who then became her teacher of this style.

The opportunity to perform on stage for the first time arrived five days before her 4th birthday, thanks to Jeri Beaucaire, a Middle Eastern dance artist and instructor who saw something special in Yasmine. This was the start of Yasmine's next couple of years, in which she performed in many events at the Middle Eastern Dance Exchange. Here she showed great interest in learning about other cultures. This interest was nurtured by acclaimed choreographers, instructors, and performers who passed along choreographies and folklore from different cultures, regions, and countries to Yasmine. One of these teachers was Pasha Umer, renowned Uygur dancer from Xinjiang; the Uygur Autonomous Region of China. At the age of five, Yasmine had the privilege to take private classes on the dances from the Silk Road with her in Miami. During this time, Yasmine was taught traditional Uygur steps and hand movements, leading to a traditional Uygur choreography which was then recorded as a way to preserve it for her repertoire. While learning this dance Yasmine showed a deep fascination in the dances from Xinjiang, seemingly able to connect to the music with ease. This choreography was performed three years later in Honduras and is now a constant in her performances.

In the last few years, a desire to make a difference was born in both siblings. The deciding moment came in May 2007 after Yasmine finished a presentation for Miami Dade County's underprivileged children at the Joseph Caleb Auditorium. Performing the Orientale Hula Hoop for the first time ever to an audience of children gave Yasmine a different outlook. She remembered how she had fallen in love with the dances from Xinjiang two years prior and decided to focus on further learning these dances. Upon hearing this, Pasha Umer, who had originally introduced her to these dances, began to teach her. From Hong Kong, Pasha provided (and still provides) artistic direction, consulting, and choreography for the music and dances of Xinjiang, China. Under her mentoring, Yasmine has become a young exponent of the variety of ethnic folk dances found in Xinjiang, China. The desire to expose the dances to a wider audience led to Yasmanth's very first cultural exchange. Read more



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